Find the Highest Paying Faucets Online For 10 Currencies and Collect Free DOGE!

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A Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency, and how to get them for free. (Cryptocurrency Faucets)

Maybe you've never used cryptocurrency. That's ok, this short guide can teach you the basics of what they are, and how to get them for free!

Cryptocurrency is Online Money. There are 1000's of kinds, but the most popular one is Bitcoin. There is Ethereum, Litecoin, Dashcoin, DOGEcoin, and many others. Right now there are arguements as to "which cryptocurrency is the best?" We say all cryptocurrencies are awesome. You can follow your favorite Cryptocurrencies on our charts each day in the sidebar!


How do I collect DOGE coin (free money) from this website?

  • In order to collect from this faucet, you will need a account set up. Here are the steps below!

  • Step One: Sign up on Coinbase to receive a Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin online wallet address. Here you can also invest in these Crypto's with a credit card or bank account. No purchase is necessary to get the wallets, but this is the easiest place I have found online to buy cryptocurrency. Signing up here will give you access to all three addresses very easily.

  • Step Two: will let you generate online wallet addresses for many lesser known coins, such as DOGE, Blackcoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, and Dashcoin.

  • Step Three: Now for the best part. After you have gotten all of your wallet receive addresses from Coinbase and Cryptonator, you can sign up on to start collecting from thousands of awesome faucets after you enter your wallet addresses. If you participate in chat you will often receive coins from other generous users in what is called "rain."

  • How does this website give away DOGE for free?

    We have created here what is known as a "faucet." Our faucet pays out a small amount of DOGE to our users; These coins have to be manually collected by you with your DOGE address.

    How many faucets are there?

    There is pretty much a faucet for all major coins on the internet, and we have created lists of the best online faucets for you all to check out and get rich from :)

    Why would a website pay Cryptocurrency?

    Because websites will pay us for your clicks on the advertisements you see here. Plus, we like you :D Happy collecting!

    P.S. If you would like to contact the owner of this site you can /pm nateq on

    Now go collect crypto like this kid :D

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Cryptocurrency Mining

You say you're interested in Crypto Mining? Nice. Here are our favorite websites below that we personally use to mine crypto!

Cryptocurrency Mining

Crypto Mining Site
Mineable Coins?
Minergate allows CPU, GPU, and even Cloud Mining. The community chat here is extremely helpful towards new miners!

Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Need even more free cryptocurrency? Check out these upcoming Airdrops that send you FREE coins for signing up!

Cryptocurrency Airdrops (New Coins that are Free)

Coin Name
What makes this coin special?
Supports an upcoming Crypto Exchange focused on lowering trading fees by up to 90%

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